My Guides, Guardians, Teachers, Masters, Etc.

Every human who is incarnated on this planet has a group of non-physical beings, sometimes ‘physical’ as well (in the sense that we would think of them as being E.T.’s and having bodies), whose purpose it is act in service to assist in their journey through this current life.

I am no different! I simply have some guides, guardians, teachers, masters, angels, crossed over relatives, or whatever that are helping me with experiences I agreed to have and to achieve purposes or missions that I said I would try to accomplish during this lifetime. The label or name that I was given to be able to identify each separate energetic entity is not important. What is important is how they humbly serve the Creator by assisting me in my journey.

I think the best way for me to introduce those energetic entities that are assisting me is to simply repeat what I received in June 2012 as a response to an inquiry if there was someone within my group of entities who would give me something I could put in an “About Us” page that was talking about who they were. The following is what I received from one of the entities in my group.

“We are simply those who are, at this time, are the most appropriate, what you refer to as, ‘higher realm’ entities to provide guidance and assistance to the one known to you as ‘Asa’.

“Our purpose and mission, if you will, is the same as it is for the guides, guardians, and others who are assisting any of the uncountable numbers of others who are incarnated into a level of existence with the desire to expand through experiences associated with that level of existence. We are unique only by way of the particular mix or makeup of the group as a whole as each group is arranged to be as appropriate as possible for each individualized Creator fragment.

“Everyone who chooses to enter into lower dimensional levels in service to Creator requires unique guidance and advisory aligned to their particular journey. Asa is simply one fragment among countless others that has the benefit of us. It is the responsibility of his fragment agreement overseer to review and select those who are best suited for the current requirements.

“Each of you also enjoy such an agreement overseer who acts throughout your current life experience agreement to insure that only the highest and best guidance is provided to you. This guidance is selected as being those capable of being the best help for the greatest possibility for you to achieve your highest and best purpose.

“What Asa has done or accomplished, you can do also; even to far greater degree than he has achieved.

“As you can see we are not unique but simply part of how it is within this Universe.

“I humbly respond on behalf of those in service to Creator by being in service to Asa at this time. I am Arkarkonia of the Pleiadian Diplomatic Corps.”

A note from me. Since there is no need for “names” in the higher realms those who make up my guidance group found great humor as I struggled to try to find what I felt was an appropriate and fitting label or name to use to refer to them in their entirety. I finally chose to call them my Celestial and Interstellar Collective (my “CIC”) as I have both those who are from what we would think of as actual physical locations within this galaxy and those who are simply energetic beings that “reside” on different planes within this Universe. After I picked this way of referring to them I received a confirmation message that it was appropriate since it seemed that I felt that I had a convenient way for me to think about them and that it brought me some level of “happiness” to be able to do that.

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