Introduction – Read Me First

I am creating this blog with several intentions in mind.  First, I need to consolidate and combine postings from several “false starts” of blogs into one place.  Secondly, I have hopes of posting at least monthly if not more often with commentary, and perspectives about all manner of things including current events, spiritual growth, etc.   I’m sure that I’ll find a lot to comment on in time.   The only limitation, of course, will be “time” itself and whether I can find enough of it to write for this blog.

At the moment I work, as much as I can squeeze out of my schedule, on the manuscrpt of a book.   The exact contents I will keep close to the vest until I see which way the flow travels as it proceeds.  We will have to see how that turns out.

I am also trying to put the wraps on an ebook and workbook combination that teaches manifestation through the technique of the Principle of Expansion.   I will be dedicating as much time as possible to getting that completed and submitted for listing with clickbank as soon as possible.

All of that has to fit within a schedule that includes a very active family life, a relationship with a truly great woman, and monthly workshops that I conduct.  If I drop the ball from time to time and don’t get a posting out on time cut me a little slack.  If you have questions, subject matter, or other ideas that you would like to see me address, just post a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

3 thoughts on “Introduction – Read Me First

  1. I met Neil Keenan via Dr. Michael Vandermeer. Dr. Michael died a couple of years ago. He was a quite interesting character himself. My conversations with Neil convinced me that he was up to NO GOOD. I would be happy to share these with you. NAI2010 from the Fulford blog


  2. I would like to talk chat with you. Today is the first I have heard of stolen gold, Neil Kennan and such, but the stumbling upon it could not have been by accident. I found you through conducting my own research, and appreciate what I have read in your blog. Entirely too much to go into here, that’s why i would like to talk with you. Please respond to my email address. Thank you.


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