Commentary On David Wilcock’s Additional November 12, 2014 Post-“Things Are Ramping Up….”

{A copy of David’s November 12 additional post entitled “Things Are Ramping Up VERY Quickly.. We Are Going To See Major People Getting Knocked Off” can be found here:}

In David’s comments he talks about lots of new people are coming forward.   I would assume that from his comments he has been talking with these people.   My concern would be that if they are just now coming on the scene I would take anything they had to say under advisement until the new comers could be properly vetted.   I would at least preface anything received from them or corroborated by them with disclaimers.

He talks about an Alliance that will “get the planet back” through “behind-the-scenes” efforts at least for some period of time to come.   I would love to accept this on face value but I know that to try to keep an organization that supposedly is global in scale and set on the destruction of those who have an agenda secret from the very same elitist power seekers would be almost impossible.

Reality check!  If the elitist have infiltrated governments as much as I know they have then all the resources of those governments would be at the disposal of the power seekers and anything remotely related to a viable organized resistance to their goals would be summarily dealt with.   If they have been manipulating and controlling events for hundreds if not thousands of years without being exposed then they know not only how to protect and cloak themselves but to efficiently eliminate any threats to their existence without exposure as well.

To protect and hide anyone who would oppose them with any type of success would take the resources of a major government such as the United States.  If virtually all the major governments in the world has been compromised by the elitist such a safe harbor isn’t likely to exist.

More over David talks about how their actions would result in us seeing “major people getting knocked off and it will be made to look like accidents”.  Let me tell you from experience that if you are working on a project such as he eluded to the last thing you would do would be to give any information to anyone that would see that information published on the internet in any shape or form.  Rationally, don’t you think that allowing such information to be published openly would jeopardize the mission by placing any targets on alert and place the mission members in unnecessary harm’s way by revealing the existence of the mission before you can even attempt to carry it out?

If this is how the Alliance works then I have low expectations for any success from them.  To pull off any type of covert action such as that described would require the highest levels of secrecy until after the fact.  Think the secrecy surrounding D-Day!

The resistance in German occupied countries in WWII were only as successful as was the secrecy of their existence and to the acts they pulled off before they occurred.   It would have been irrational for them to provide that they were going to blow up a train before they did it to someone who would publish their plans in the newspaper.  That’s pretty much what we see here with David’s commentary.

He talks about that the “most intriguing new tidbit was that it will reach a point where everybody knows about the Cabal”.  If you really want that to happen then you need to devise a campaign similar to the one that sold the public on the greenhouse gas caused climate change.  You would have to present credible evidence of their existence and what they have done with at least some level of substantiation.  That would include naming names and showing their direct or indirect involvement in known events or happenings.

At least in the U.S., the media can’t truly be mandated to do anything as David implies that the media will be forced to tell the truth.   The only way that would be possible is if someone actually took control of the media outlets either by force, coercion, or otherwise and then it wouldn’t necessarily be the “truth and nothing but the truth” as it could easily be manipulated into being nothing more than propaganda for a new set of players.

David speaks to the issue of a “secret space program” and that disclosure of involvement with ETs will be part of this new effort to bring about changes.  I have no doubt that there has been contact with and knowledge of ETs by the government for some time.  Confirmation of that contact by the government or even proof of that contact by earth based humans may occur sometime soon or it may not.

However, I am firmly convinced there will be no confirmation by ETs themselves unless those ETs have agendas of their own that involve earth humans somehow.   The reason I say this is because I KNOW without any doubt that the two prime driving factors that all higher level spiritual beings adhere to in this universe is the directives not to violate free will in any way and to not bring any harm of any kind to anything in the universe.

Openly contacting the human population on this planet before we reach a high enough spiritual level would inflict both free will violation and bring harm to many people here by forced destruction of their belief systems resulting in emotional anguish and perhaps even physical harm.   That type of damage and harm would never be knowingly inflicted upon anyone or anything in this universe by the higher order entities within this universe.

David wraps up his comments with a quote about seeing the arrest and prosecution of top banksters, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and anyone who has been violating the law.  I ask you to consider that if the elitist have infiltrated the government, judicial system, health system, educational system, etc., by direct or indirect means and influence; who is going to arrest them, who is going to prosecute them, and what judicial system is going to try them?

I do accept the allegation that there are wealthy individuals who firmly believe that the best future for this planet is for them to have the entire world under their total absolute control.   I accept that they believe that they and they alone know the best way to handle the over-population problem that faces this planet.   I accept that the wealthiest of the wealthy have manipulated control of most of the major vital corporations of the world for themselves.  I accept the fact that they have leveraged their control through the creation and formation of organizations like Bilderberg, Bohemian Grove, and others.  I accept the fact that the elitist power seekers have little or no respect for the great “unwashed” and believe that domination of us by them is justified and ordained.

By acceptance of these things, I know that the “arrest and prosecution” of their top echelon minions will not be easily done in the U.S. as the judges that have been confirmed to the Federal judiciary have been most often perverted to the will of the elite or at the very least tending toward being fully indoctrinated by the elitist built educational system into thinking in manner.  The arrest of these individuals will in time come to past but it will take time much time before the average person comes on line with the knowledge to understand the need for these things to be done.

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