Who is Neil Keenan?

I’ve been sitting on the sidelines watching both the common law/sovereign movement and Neil Keenan.  Neil has bothered me every since he popped onto the scene but it seemed harmless enough in the beginning so I just let it go.

However, I’m beginning to see a side of Neil’s work that truly has the hairs on my neck standing on end.  With my gut telling me to get off the dime I did some checking.

Since I know Neil filed that global accounts case (I checked out the global accounts right away and we’ll get to that later) I started with the Federal Court system.  First thing I found was that Neil F. Keenan not only had been involved in the global accounts case in 2011 but he had also been involved in 6 other Federal civil lawsuits dating back to as early as 1986.  Of those six cases two were filed in Rhode Island and the other 4 in the Florida Southern District.

I’ll come back to those Federal cases momentarily.  The Florida/Rhode Island connection led me to search both of those states for Neil F. Keenan.  In Rhode Island I found Neil F. Keenan and Neil Keenan Associates in Newport, Rhode Island establishing Neil’s connection to Rhode Island which was confirmed by one of the Federal civil cases, more on that later.   Additionally, when I checked for Neil F. Keenan in Rhode Island I found numerous case of DUI, driving on suspended license, driving on revoked license, driving with no license, etc.   In and of itself is not all that damning except for the fact that it shows an attitude of disregard for the law.

When I did a check for Neil in Florida I got more of a surprise.  In 1983 Neil F. Keenan, date of birth 9/10/51, place of birth Rhode Island, was charged and sentenced to the Florida Department of Corrections for trafficing in cocaine, delivery of controlled substances, and cocaine possession with intent for sale or purchase.

In those Federal lawsuits, anything older than about 1996 the actual case materials is not available through the electronic access system so any information beyond filing date, closing date and what the nature of the filing is would have to be done in person at the actual court where they were filed.

The oldest Federal case was in 1986 and it was a motion to vacate sentence filing, filed in Florida Southern District-case #86-cv-00325, and may have been related to his 1983 drug conviction or it may not have been.  Either way it was an attempt to vacate or overturn a sentence that probably was issued by a Federal court.  The next newest case was in 1987, 87-cv-00922, and was a Habeas Corpus filing and can only be related to some issue whereby a court had control of Keenan.

Moving to the next newest, 93-cv-00785, the case was titled Keenan v. United States it also was a motion to vacate sentence.  What bothers me is that it is a filing against the United States for vacating a sentence implying that Keenan was sentenced at some point by the Federal system but I have not been able to locate any cases that would have resulted in him being Federally sentenced.  But because of the way the Federal Rules of Procedure are structured a motion to vacate can only be filed after you receive a sentence and for no other reason.

There were two cases in 1995, both filed in Rhode Island district. The first 95-cv-00511 was filed by Neil, plaintiff, against Carla Jo Wagenstein, Donald J. Blackburn, John R. Simpson, and the USA, defendants.   It was a civil rights violation filing.  What bothers me is that all of the defendants were all represented by someone from the US attorney’s office which means they were either all government employees or were witnesses that may have provided testimony that were being sued.  Results was a judgement in favor of the defendants in the case.

The other 1995 case, 95-cv-00557, Keenan v. U.S. Parole Commission, and was a motion to vacate sentence which was ultimately denied. Here again is a filing of a motion to vacate sentence.  Federal Rules of Procedure limits motions to vacate sentence to one attempt and placing a time limit on how long you have to file.  I think the limitation is 1 year but I’d have to check.  Since there is a single time limitation for any particular sentence, the multiple filings to vacate sentence implies that there should be multiple sentences given to Neil F. Keenan.

The last case is the interesting one.  It was filed in 1998 by Neil Keenan and Neil Keenan Associates against a slew of people and entities including Aer Lingus and British Airways.  The suit alleges that Neil got into business with some people who became greedy and decided to get Neil out of the picture so that could profit from his connections without having to give him any money.   Neil contended in the lawsuit, which was filed in Florida, that some of his partners got him arrested in the Dominican Republic by planting drugs in his hotel room.  When I read about what Neil F. Keenan got into with these guys it rings so much like basically an attempted quick money scheme in which the prime players turned on one another out of greed.

It would also seem that the people Neil F. Keenan got into business with were somewhat on the seedy side.  Doesn’t say much for business ethics unless of course the kind of business you were conducting would call for working with those types of individuals.

Last we have Neil’s filing on the global accounts in 2011.  As we all know it was filed with great fanfare in the New York Southern District.  The interesting thing is that less than a year later the suit quietly went away when Neil filed a letter of dismissal with the court.  Had Neil not filed the letter of dismissal he would have had to within days of the dismissal filing have to have been able to prove to the court that they had jurisdiction.  Problem is that the court wouldn’t have asked for that unless they were already pretty much convinced they didn’t have jurisdiction.  Considering the defendants that were named in the lawsuit, I agree, the court lacked jurisdiction to hear the case so failing to prove to the court that they had jurisdiction it would have been dismissed with prejudice meaning that it would not ever be able to file again.

I find it strange that the matter of jurisdiction wasn’t addressed before the case was filed.   But seeing the work Neil F. Keenan did on the civil filings where he represented himself I can understand how it could have been ignored.

Now for the global accounts.  When I first heard about Neil F. Keenan and these accounts I did some digging on that supposed gold.  Here’s the problem I have.  The official records at the Treasury and Bureau of Engraving and Printing does not show that they ever printed sufficient notes or bonds to have been used for giving to the Chinese in exchange for their gold.  Since there is no official record either they were printed off record or were printed by some other agency (CIA?).   Either way with no record of them being legitimate notes and bonds the U.S. will never acquiesce to them being real and will always say they are fakes.   Therefore, there is no way to ever convince a reputable court of jurisdiction to order the U.S. to pay up or produce gold.

If the intent was to rip off the gold from the very beginning which is what is implied by Neil F. Keenan then don’t you think that the CIA would be smart enough to bury one or more “flaws” in the printing to always be able to declare any of them that were presented for payment as being fakes?   Who would have been sharp enough to notice that the certificates given in exchange for the gold was fakes?  Now you have fake certificates and no way to prove that the gold was ever taken by the U.S. government.  Give the bad guys credit, they have been around doing these kinds of things hundreds if not thousands of years.  Anyone doing what they have done this long is not stupid.

Additionally, I have found numerous cases where these notes, bonds, supporting documentation, and even the tins they were supposedly transported in are being truly certified as fakes.  I had to laugh I found one case where the box had a flag on it with 50 stars.  Hawaii didn’t become the 50th state until 1959.  Give me a break.

If you go here: http://www.rense.com/general41/lost.htm, you will find that Rense.com did a piece on these things back in 2003 which includes a couple of news stories on them.  Further searching for things like Chinese gold treasury notes turns up lots of interesting tidbits.

As for the off ledger account book and the blue book, until someone has them authenticated using paper, ink, and binding analysis I’m not accepting them as anything more than produced documentation to help sell the idea.   You will find that the ones that have been certified fakes usually comes complete with documentation and coins that seem to prove the authenticity of the notes and bonds.  Problem is that often the coins have flaws or errors or are of a denomination or design that has never been minted.  The documentation although made to look old and appropriate always fails the testing done by the independent experts.

As for the common law/sovereign problem I’ll address that in another post.

28 thoughts on “Who is Neil Keenan?

  1. All of this seems to fit in with what Jean Haines and others have uncovered about Neil. In a recent video, Neil presented a “new” $100 bill, which can be found on eBay as a “novelty” item. Last year, David Wilcock shared an update from Neil Keenan about historic bonds. A few days later, David posted that the photos that Neil provided were take from the Internet. After Jean exposed one of Keenan’s team members, he left a threatening comment on her blog, complete with foul language. Fewer and fewer blogs are paying any attention to Neil Keenan. After your research, I am sure you can see why. Since Keenan withdrew his commercial liens, I have been asking why he is still relevant. So far, nobody has been able to provide a satisfactory answer.

    Warmest Regards,

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  2. I totally get why Jean may want to smear Keenan. She has been fighting something ugly.
    And this article does that. The problem I have with NK is even simpler:
    + His arguments do not make sense
    + He lacks evidence for his claims*
    + He responds poorly to questions.
    Isn’t that enough. he may be a “fighter”, but what is he fighting for? (himself?)
    *The article shows the value of research, something few do anymore:
    Now for the global accounts. When I first heard about Neil F. Keenan and these accounts I did some digging on that supposed gold. Here’s the problem I have. The official records at the Treasury and Bureau of Engraving and Printing does not show that they ever printed sufficient notes or bonds to have been used for giving to the Chinese in exchange for their gold. Since there is no official record either they were printed off record or were printed by some other agency (CIA?). Either way with no record of them being legitimate notes and bonds the U.S. will never acquiesce to them being real and will always say they are fakes. Therefore, there is no way to ever convince a reputable court of jurisdiction to order the U.S. to pay up or produce gold
    > https://billasataylor.wordpress.com/2014/09/07/who-is-neil-keenan/
    SAME things was said here: “The Dragon Family Gold may never be returned.”

    Do the Research, ladies and gentlemen. Do not rely on just feelings.


    • This background research reminds , what would have happen to most on Capitol Hill if it were required the they shall have a background investigation performed on them prior to having their names placed on the ballot.


      • Great idea! I always thought that they should HAVE to sign an agreement to only pass objective “Rules of Law”-NOT subjective “Rule of Man”, which is their tools for trying to “Legislate Morality”, whilst they treat Multi-Billion dollar, and even Trillion Dollar Captains of (destructive) Industries as superior people that aren’t made to clean up the Ecological disasters that they continuously (and purposely?) inevitably cause. WE would have to take on the responsibility of holding them to their agreement, and vote those who fail us out of office. Eventually, we’d have the Representative government that our Founding Fathers provided the people with so long ago…

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      • If a background investigation were performed on Senator Obama before his name was placed on the ballot we would not know his name today.


  3. Interesting research, so if this is all true, what is purpose of what Neil is doing now? If he’s just playing the game, what does he hope to or can accomplish by claiming to be going after the accounts? Going to reblog this so my readers can decide for themselves. Great detective work!


    • Con artists are always about the money. They play to peoples hopes, dreams, desires, fears and greed in such a way that they put money in their own pockets. Often the grifter will have to put as much work into the confidence scheme as a “normal” person does in performing excellent work in a normal occupation. The difference is in the size of the payday. In Neil’s case I’ve heard numbers of over 1/4 million dollars being taken from at least one if not more unsuspecting supporters.

      If Neil can convince enough people that the fictional gold exists somewhere or that there is the possibility of forcing the US to make restitution plus interest and that what is needed is merely the funds to be able to break it free then he can pull in significant sums of money which he will then expend on living whatever lifestyle he feels like he needs to continue the con.

      One must do a reality check on this “lost” gold. if the U.S. government truly “conned” gold out of some Chinese families at the end of WWII they would not have been haphazard in doing it. The gold would have been made to disappear, anything given in exchange for the gold would have been rigged in the favor of the US so that it would never to have to return the gold, and they would simply keep quiet when the subject of the missing gold came up, trivialize the evidence by flooding the scene with lots of fake documents/proof coins/poorly done reproduction tins, and just deny, deny, deny it ever happened.

      If the gold ever existed and was ever taken from any particular persons or families by trick or fraud and was still in existence and intact today then to prove a claim to the point that you could make enough other countries put pressure on the US to pay up would require absolute proof positive that such was the case. That will never be a possibility! Those that would have perpetrated such a crime would be smart enough that such a level of proof would not only be highly improbable to attain but as close to universally impossible as humanly possible to conceive.

      The old adage “that if it sounds too good to be true then it is” in this case is surely one of the most truthful statements that has ever been uttered.

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    • WTG, Educating yourself as so very few do these days. I hope you will share this information you have gleaned for yourself with the much lazier readers, followed by the caveat, “Educate Yourselves”. Peace, Love and Light.


    • Dear Karen, far from it that everyone is buying Bonds back. All have very poor ROI DUE TO THE PITCH THEY ARE SO SECURE.. And first of all, they are supposed to fund the debt. Bad math at soon to be $18,T
      Treasury Bills are issued for terms less than a year.
      Treasury Notes are issued in terms of 2, 3, 5, and 10 years.
      Treasury Bonds are issued in terms of 30 years, and were reintroduced 2006
      Should Treasury yields increase, then the interest paid on these riskier investment must increase in lock-step.
      Please tell us what make Treasure yields increase stagnate or fall in value. Many of us know with out that, no one would ever take on the added risk if they didn’t get a higher return.

      Awaiting your guidance.


    • Ms Hudes,

      As an attorney you should know that when actual researchable facts are given that calling it disinfo is an obvious ploy to try to disregard truth. I’m not impressed by your claims of being a World Bank Whistleblower since both the case you filed and the appeal summarily were dismissed by the District Court and then upheld on appeal.

      All you gave me was some pdf file that you obviously upload yourself that smells very much akin to the bank note schemes that have been floating around for decades. Nothing more than a new twist on old cons. Bet if I was to get down to the brass tacks on the offer to case in on those bonds that it would involve somehow a third party putting up money in a account that someone else has control over.

      First off the official records of the US Treasury never shows that any such bonds were ever printed by the Bureau of Printing and Engraving. That means that any bonds of the denominations and in the quantities supposed used was never “officially” printed by the US Government. Simply because you produce a printed form that says I owe you money doesn’t mean that I am obligated to pay it. As supposedly a legal financial expert you should know that.

      If you have access to these financial instruments have you the independent testing to prove the age of them are verified? If not, why not? After all the money that has been raised by Keenan why hasn’t it been done? Has the supporting documentation and evidence been subjected to analysis? If not, why not? If it was truly verifiable then as an attorney you would know that the first and best proof would be to establish the true authenticity of these negotiable instruments.

      By the way I am not impressed with your allegations that you run around making since you have produced nothing but your own word that these things exist. I’m sure that many are going to say that I represent the cabal or TPTB but that’s crazy. I’m merely using the Creator given gift of the ability to think rationally to debunk people who are out to either intentionally or unintentionally harm the people of this planet.

      Playing to the human tendency to look for a cause outside of themselves for their plight in this life is as cowardly as playing on their fear. No one can do anything to me or anybody else that we ourselves don’t allow them to do. The people of this planet is slowly awakening to that knowledge, however, it will take some time still before the awakening reaches sufficient level that we can stand together strongly enough to change the system through non-violent protest.

      Although I am letting you and everyone that reads this blog know that I am calling you out on your lack of credibility I do want to say thank you as well. You came here to do a job for Creator and your misguided attempts does help fill a need on this planet to help others to make the transition into what will be needed in the future to change “how we do business” on this planet. I would like to point to you, however, that your mission was to provide proof positive of the corruption that goes on in international financial circles on this planet but you seem to have missed that part. Regardless, I do thank you from my everlasting spirit for agreeing to “play” a part in the transformation of this planet.

      Having been “out there” having to pick up the pieces after the Bernie Madoffs, prime bank note schemes, “pump and dumps”, Nigerian schemes, redemption schemes, etc., I usually get a feelings when things aren’t as they seem to be and something just isn’t right. What say you and I have a conversation about how to accomplish more with a little less sensationalism?


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    • To my way of thinking, based on the vast majority of what has ever been written about the World Bank, corruption has been systemic in everything associated with the World Bank since its inception. Ms Hudes’ own C.V. states she was with the World Bank for more than 20 years; so what took her so long to decide something was wrong at that institution?

      Surely, she would have been aware of the corruption long before she reached 20 years. Did she think that all the people criticizing that organization for its corruption and corrupt dealings were all “crazy conspiracy theorists”? Suddenly after 20 years of being with the bank she decides to become a “whistleblower” stating what most of us were already aware of.

      Honestly, as I pointed out to her, the unfolding plan for this planet requires all the different players to set the stage for us to be able to exercise our free will to either get with the plan or to pay the consequences and I for one am greatly appreciative for the part they play in the plan. I don’t approve of the things that some of their do to others but that doesn’t stop me from acknowledging their role while exercising my right to freely choose to do those things necessary to stop the injustice, unfairness, and the violation of the freedoms and rights of others.


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  4. I have devoted a great deal of time and energy researching the supposed vast quantities of gold held “off the books”. I suggest anyone interested search David Guyatt and the Secret Gold Treaty. Incredible treatise regarding the subject with considerable documentation. Also search Roxas v Marcos which was a court case involving the theft of a ONE TON gold buddha from a phillipino treasure hunter. Seeing as the courts found in favor of Roxas to the tune of something like 20 billion usd, that certainly gives credence to their being something to the Marcos/Yamashita/Golden Lilly treasures of the philipines which goes hand in hand with the Chinese gold that was supposedly sent to the USA for safe keeping from the Japanese. There are newspaper articles from the late 30s referencing a battleship i believe of gold coming from China to the USA. I also have an associate who is an American expat in Luzerne Switzerland who has a security house (safekeeping warehouse for valuables similar to a bank vault) He shared with me that there is a Treaty of Versailles box under his care that has been authenticated by one of only a couple people qualified to do so that works for the CIA I believe. Apparently the world is flooded with fakes, put out by scammers and also with the tacit approval of the CIA/FED alphabet gang in charge for obfuscation purposes. What I have personally determined for my own satisfaction (means nothing as far as “proof”) is that there is something to the Soekarno treasure, the Marcos treasures and the Vatican holdings. I have also noticed that every time there is a statement by the government poo pooing the idea of trillions in FED bonds or black gold that if you break their words down to strict statutory construction, they never actually deny the bonds are valid. They use lawyer speak to allow you to come to that conclusion….

    One thing I am positive of is that whatever the degree of reality this all has, it is a world full of frauds, thieves liars, well meaning dreamers and seekers, and it is near impossible to sort fact from fiction. Even if someone would have legitimate instruments or deposit receipts, the big boys at the banks arent giving anything back and holding a valid gold certificate might as well be holding a death warrant. Search Fr Santa Severino Romanos (sp?) widow and John Reed of Citibank

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  5. In the Cease & Desist order issued by Keenan & Keith Scott dated May 14, 2012, Keenan chose to use his Irish passport no 4066301 with no proof (image) that it was a legitimate one. We all know Keenan is of Irish descendent but is he really holding a dual citizenship (Irish & US)? But why would he choose to display his expired (clipped) US passport?
    If he was working against the Cabal as he claimed, his secret Irish passport might come handy in escaping detection at the Cabal-controlled airports. And we all know Keenan is not an idiot.
    Could it be that Keenan has no valid US passport, since it was cancelled before its expiry on Dec 11, 2010? One could argue that he was being prudent in not exposing his current valid US passport. But he is already known to be a US citizen (admitted in many documents). So what is the point in hiding the obvious? Keenan needs to be a legitimate US citizen to file his 11-22-2011 law suit in the US. When the shoe does not fit, we have to look at the untold story that fits.
    In reality, Keenan works covertly for the Cabal under the CIA informer-infiltrator programme. And where did the CIA recruit him from? From the prison, of course. Freedom in exchange for his boots-on-the-ground information and involvement in covert “regime change” operations. That is why his release date was unknown. His cancelled US passport shows that he was born in Rhode Island on Sept 10, 1951. Fits the BOP record of one Neil Francis Keenan who is 63 years of age in 2014.
    Keenan could have easily obtained a legitimate US passport. Legit in form but not in substance. Precisely the point of investigation any anti-Cabal researcher would pursue.
    Technically, Keenan is still a prisoner (release unknown) and hence can never have a legitimate US passport, no matter how genuine the form. Were the CIA and Keenan afraid, truth researchers would look into his criminal past? It didn’t help to have millions poring over Obama’s forged birth certificate and passport questions when Obama ran for office in 2008. Rather than have a concrete proof of being a planted Cabal-controlled agent, Keenan chose to publicly display his Irish passport number in the Cease & Desist order. To keep researchers confused?



  6. I have looked at allot of his stuff like 1934 gold certificates valid for internal use of the FED reserve system his book of redemption is Photoshoped and what a name but it was also written in 1934 it has the name of bill clintion in it he was not born until 1946 it queen Elisabeth in it she did not have the title of queen at that time and was not even in line to have the the throne until 1951 and did not get crowned until 1996 this is fake from beginning to end


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