What Are Chakras and What Purpose Do They Serve?

I know that we are all familiar with chakras but most are limited to the basic understanding that they are some kind of energy center that is part of the enegetic system of the body. But how many is there that can truly give you an explanation of what chakras are and why do we have them?

First, for anyone who may not have some idea of what chakras are; I’ll give the basic definition or explanation that can be found in virtually every book around. For those of us incarnate on this planet we truly should focus our attentions solely on the primary chakras that deal with the carbon based bodies that we inhabit as you will see their health is one of the keys to our spiritual growth. There are seven of these primary chakras.

A chakra according to Wikipedia, in Hindu and other belief systems, is a center of Prana, life force, or vital energy. The On-line Free Dictionary One defines a chakra as of the seven centers of spiritual energy in the human body according to yoga philosophy and Merriam Webster defines a chakra as any of several points of physical or spiritual energy in the human body according to yoga philosophy. The word itself, chakra, comes from the Sanskrit word cakra or cakram meaning wheel or circle and the first recorded use of chakra occurred in 1888.

Chakras are transceivers, a device that boths transmits and receives, that function in a manner similar to our ‘five senses’. The difference is that the chakras operate on a different level or principle from our physical senses and actually constitute an energetic sensory system.

Each chakra is designed to both send energies out from you and to receive energies into you of various distinguishable types. I think that the best way I can explain this is to take a couple of the chakras and give you some examples of how the chakra functions. It will be easiest, for clarity, for me to take a couple of the easiest ones that i feel you can associate with and provide some easy to identify characteristics of them in action.

Let’s take the throat chakra! It is normally associated with the color blue and in the Eastern traditional is called the Vishuddhi. The throat chakra relates to your ability to communicate or express yourself.

In verbally expressing yourself the vibrations that form the words you speak is created by the vocal cords. The vibrations formed from speaking the words is then received by our auditory systems and gets translated into what the words mean through the abilities of our consicous mind.

We are all aware of the adage that it is not so much what we say but how we say it. What constitutes how we say things? Of course, the obvious is the tenor, forcefulness, etc., of how we say what it is we say. But that’s not the extent of it, is it? How many times have you understood the deeper meaning of what is being said not by any of those things but simply by some unseen method of transmission from the speaker to you?

That’s one of the purposes of the throat chakra; to provide the ability to express that invisible energy, or to sense the energy that one can transmit simultaneously with the words being spoken.

What about the heart or Anahata chakra? How many times have you been in the presence of someone and you could literally feel the love flowing from that person? Or been in the presence of two people that shared a true love between them and you could just sense it without them having to do anything publically show or express it? Go ahead and think about it! You can even ‘sense’ the difference between two people who simply has the “hots” for each other and two people who truly have a deep abiding love, can you not? How do you think you are able to do that? By what mechanism are you able to perceive that energy? The heart chakra is all about transmitting and receiving love in an energetic form that can be ‘felt’.

The ability of the heart chakra isn’t limited to being able to sense the love that is transmitted and received in the physical but it also has the ability, when elevated to higher operating levels, to receive and send love out on a Universe level as well. This ability isn’t restricted to the heart chakra; each of the chakras has this ‘enhanced operations mode’.

Finally, let’s take a quick look at one that you might define as perhaps having a little subtler capabilities. How about we look at the Sacral or Svadisthana chakra? This chakra among other things is connected to our ability to sense sexuality or sexiness in the physical.

Imagine you are at a party, a gathering of people of some kind. You have your back to the door when in walks a person, an Adonis or Aphrodite doesn’t matter, that has tremendous sexiness or sex appeal that simply exudes from them. Even with your back turned you sensed their entrance and turned around to see where that pulling was coming from, didn’t you? That is the ability of the Sacral chakra to receive and decode the energy being sent or transmitted by that person through their Sacral chakra to your Sacral chakra.

Each of the chakras has an equivalent role in the receiving and transmitting of energy in the physical where you are currently functioning through a blood and bone body. They alos have on the higher Universal planes an inherent ability as well.

As you can see the chakras do play a very important part in our lives.

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